Food & Waste

EarthFest strives to be a zero waste event so food vendors are required to control the types of materials they sell or distribute in order to minimize waste. EarthFest recycles or re-uses everything possible from the event. There will be no trash cans on site. Typical EarthFest exhibits welcome over 5,000 attendees, recycle or compost around 1000 lbs. of material, and produce less than 10 lbs of trash for the entire event. Most of the trash is brought on site from attendees and are not generated by festival activities. EarthFest strives to leave the festival grounds better than they were before the event by limiting vehicle traffic and frequent litter pickups throughout the festival.


Exhibitors ARE allowed to sell food that is intended to be taken home and consumed later (if this is the case one only needs to register as an exhibitor).


Vendors that serve food to be enjoyed at the festival MUST be approved as a food vendor by the EarthFest committee. Food vendors are recruited and spots are limited. The EarthFest committee takes great care to recruit local or small family owned food vendors that offer quality food and are willing to make “zero waste” commitments. In general, food vendors return yearly with occasional changes based on vendor availability. If you would like to serve food items as part of your exhibit or wish to become a food vendor feel free to contact us.



ChickFriesen and Fries

 Traditional festival food


rainbowRainbo Ice

Funnel cakes and shaved ice


Uncle butch bbqUncle Butch BBQ

Uncle Butch will have his award winning barbeque


Vietnemese foodVietnamese Grill and Nori

Vegetable Egg roll, Crab Rangoon, Pork dumpling, Stir fry
                      vegetable fried rice, Vietnamese noodle soup

popculture_logo  Pop Culture

Local, fresh ingredients transformed into tasty, tasty paletas (ice pops) in a variety unique flavors & combinations.