Zero Waste Policy

Keep Calm and Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

EarthFest strives to be a zero waste event. Food vendors are required to control the types of materials they sell or distribute in order to minimize waste. EarthFest recycles or re-uses everything possible from the event. There will be no trash cans on site. Typical EarthFest exhibits welcome over 5,000 attendees, recycle or compost around 1000 lbs. of material, and produce less than 10 lbs of trash for the entire event. Most of the trash is brought on site from attendees and are not generated by festival activities. EarthFest strives to leave the festival grounds better than they were before the event by limiting vehicle traffic and frequent litter pickups throughout the festival.

Food Vendor Zero Waste Policy:

There will NOT be trash containers on site. Materials that cannot be recycled MUST be taken away by exhibitors. Styrofoam, individually wrapped candy, latex balloons, items wrapped in cellophane, or anything else that cannot be recycled or easily composted are not allowed. EarthFest will approve and possibly supply specific types of plates, cups, wrappers, and other food containers or utensils in order to minimize waste and maximize recycling and composting. Food vendors will accept the rules established by EarthFest.

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