Food Trucks & Beer

Food can be delicious and kind to the earth. At EarthFest, there will  be food trucks on site that showcases local flavors, products, and stewardship. We also insist that all food on site is accommodating to all different dietary preferences and/or restrictions.

You can’t have delicious food without finishing it up with good beer. That’s why we have partnered with the Knoxville Area Brewer’s Association to bring you a carefully crafted beer that celebrates the spirit of Earth Day.

20th Annual EarthFest Food Vendors

Do you want your food at EarthFest? Check the criteria and policies below:

Criteria Used for Selection

  • located within 50 miles of Knoxville
  • serve locally sourced food
  • vegan and vegetarian options available

Food Vendor Soda Policy:

EarthFest seeks to promote organic refreshment options. We are requiring that food vendors that regularly sell big brand soda products, such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, provide organic drink alternatives instead. Food vendors will have the option of providing homemade organic beverages, or can include but are not limited to; Blue Sky Sodas, Honest Brand Products, Veri Organic Sodas, Zevia Sodas, and Hansen’s Natural Products.

Food Vendor Zero Waste Policy:

There will NOT be trash containers on site. Materials that cannot be recycled MUST be taken away by exhibitors. Styrofoam, individually wrapped candy, latex balloons, items wrapped in cellophane, or anything else that cannot be recycled or easily composted are not allowed. EarthFest will approve and possibly supply specific types of plates, cups, wrappers, and other food containers or utensils in order to minimize waste and maximize recycling and composting. Food vendors will accept the rules established by EarthFest.

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