• EarthFest curates and approves vendors by way of a juried exhibit selection process. The criteria for eligibility is now determined based on whether exhibitor applicants are primarily an environmental, educational, or nonprofit organization or small local environmentally focused business. The criteria better reflect the goal of our Earth Day event where our intention is to celebrate the earth while also providing education for festival goers.
  • All applications will be reviewed and applicants will be notified as soon as possible if their application is accepted.
  • Each year the EarthFest welcomes several arts and craft vendors. This year we aim to create a “Green Market.”  The green market will be limited to environmentally-friendly items such as locally-made clothing, organic products, locally-made or grown food (not to be consumed on site), daily-use consumables, environmental publications, and other green items.  This will be a “producer only” market meaning that the people standing at the booth were actively involved in making or growing the products they are selling.
  • Food/Beverage sales are treated separately than exhibitors and therefore food vendors are recruited by a food vendor committee. Exhibits may be allowed to sell/distribute food for offsite consumption upon approval from the food and waste committee. Anyone interested in selling food meant to be consumed during the event will be considered a food vendor and should visit the food vendor page and contact the food vendor committee for more information.

The Exhibitor Application is embedded below but here is a link to the form.

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