Black Lab Turns Green for Earth Day at EarthFest

Max A Pooch the remarkable black Lab who turns green by doing what most people don’t… picking up litter and putting it in its place will be among the attractions for this Year’s EarthFest Knoxville on April 18 at World’s Fair Park.

Max A Pooch poses with litter he picked-up during a walk
Max A Pooch poses with litter he picked-up during a walk

Keith Sanderson creator and host of the popular Pet Life Radio Show Max A Pooch’s Awesome Animal Advocates and sidekick of Max A Pooch announced today Max A Pooch will be performing at the 2015 Earth Fest Knoxville at World’s Fair Park on April 18.

Max A Pooch who is best known as the Canine Champion of animals and the environment is the black Lab that turns green. He will be demonstrating that picking up litter and putting it in its place is so easy even a dog can do it. Which according to Sanderson raises the question, “If picking up litter is so easy, why don’t more humans do it?”

“We are really excited to have Max A. Pooch demonstrate his talents at this year’s EarthFest,” said Jennifer Linginfelter, EarthFest planning committee member.

The amazing Pooch will also sort non recyclables from recyclables, demonstrate how he finds his sidekick Keith’s hat, boots, and other items in the morning, and more!

Linginfelter says, “When Earth Day comes around you typically think about recycling, clean water or air quality. But another important aspect of protecting the environment is preventing litter. Max is able to bring awareness to this issue in a fun and entertaining way.”

According to the State of Tennessee State Litter Program -Stop Litter, “Tennessee spends $11,000,000 picking up the trash Tennesseans throw down on the ground. That doesn’t even count what your city pays to pick up litter in the incorporated areas.”

“Max is a perfect vehicle for communicating to people the benefits of recycling and not discarding things, because Max is a recycled (rescue) dog” says Sanderson. ”

Max A Pooch delivers another message when he is demonstrating his anti-litter ways at events such as Earth Fest.

The Humane Society of the United States estimates, “About 2.4 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs—about one every 13 seconds—are put down in U.S. shelters each year.”

When he performs Max A Pooch draws attention that being green means to have respect for life, to stop wasting the lives of millions of cats and dogs each year, and to adopt them rather than euthanizing them and throwing their bodies in landfills.

“The deaths of millions of dogs and cats can be greatly reduced If anyone who is thinking of adding a cat or dog to their household will just visit a local animal shelter or visit a animal rescue search engine such before they purchase one, “says Sanderson.”

In addition to performing at Earth Fest Max A Pooch will also be available for attendees to meet at his exhibit where if they are lucky they may be able to get an up close and personal performance by the black Lab that turns green.

About Max A Pooch’s Awesome Animal Advocates
If it wasn’t for an awesome animal advocate Max A Pooch, the Canine Crusader for Animals and the Environment may have ended up like the millions of cats and dogs that are euthanized annually and whose bodies are disposed of in landfills.

Luckily, Max was rescued, and Keith recycled (adopted) Max A Pooch from when Max was six months old.

Keith Sanderson creator and host of Max A Pooch’s Awesome Animal Advocates is an award winning writer, animal advocacy chronicler, and sidekick to Max A Pooch. He and millions of other people owe a tremendous debt to those who advocate for animals. In gratitude he dedicates each episode to the awesome animal advocates who improve the welfare and save the lives of millions of companion, domestic, and wild animals yearly.

Each episode takes you into the world of an awesome animal advocate. The guest may be a celebrity, or a leader of national animal advocacy organization, or a passionate soul who is starting a new animal advocacy organization, or an animal advocate volunteer who dedicates herself to making life better for those who can’t speak for themselves.

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